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Chair Massage

What is a Chair Massage?

Chair massage is a style of seated massage that focuses on the back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and hands. Clients rest in a special massage chair that provides face, chest, arm and leg support. Massage is done over a client’s clothing and does not

require oil or lotion. The therapist addresses muscle tightness and nervous tension through techniques such as kneading, compression, tapotement, and effleurage.

Corporate Chair Massage is a simple and cost effective way to show your staff that you care about their health and recognize the need for reducing stress in the workplace. The sessions last 15 to 30 minutes and the recipient remains fully clothed. In just a short session, the therapist can address the most common areas of stress and tension: neck, shoulders, back, arms, wrists, and hands. We also provide chair massage at health fairs, sporting events, parties, and more.

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